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Do you feel fat, bloated, sluggish, constipated, or exhausted? Your Colon may be to blame! With additives in our food, pesticides on our crops, and pollution all around us, many might say we ingest toxins frequently. Sometimes all that toxic buildup can take its toll on the colon, which encumbers digestion and overall health. When your colon is backed up with toxic material, your entire body becomes sluggish and unable to perform its day-to-day tasks. Periodically cleaning from the inside out removes waste stuck to the colon walls. This waste build-up also supposedly produces toxins that enter the blood and may be slowly poisoning people, contributing to a variety of symptoms — fatigue, bloating, irritated skin and weight gain — and health problems, from depression and allergies to arthritis and cancer.

Conducting a colon cleanse could have the following possible benefits: improve digestion and prevent constipation, increase energy and concentration, jumpstart weight loss, support overall colon health and encourage whole body detox.



  • GREAT VALUE - GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE COLON CLEANSE. Suitable for 2 x 15 day cleanses (60 capsules, 1-2 capsules per day) to thoroughly cleanse waste buildup of poor diet, alcohol and environmental toxins.
  • DETOXIFY AND CLEANSE YOUR COLON. A buildup of waste can cause bloating, constipation and tiredness - Our advanced cleansing formula helps free the intestinal tract of excess waste to restore energy levels, alleviate bloating, and support overall digestive health.
  • MADE IN THE USA. FDA registered facilities. 

Colon Sweep

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